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SAP Basis Managed Services


The most complex SAP BASIS environments can be efficiently operated, managed and supported by the most suitable team, learn more about our services.

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Why choose BITS support for SAP Basis Managed Services?

It is our job to ensure the proper functioning and availability of your system, as well as a quick response if a disaster strikes, SAP Basis administrators are the first line of defenses for the entire company, that is why when such a critical system is needed 24/7 coverage. That’s where BITS comes in for you and your business.


SAP Basis Managed Services Benefits

Reduces the cost of IT operations

Expert knowledge, continuous implementation of innovations and the use of best-practice tools and processes reduce your IT operation costs dramatically.

Reduces operational risks

Don't worry about the risks of operation anymore, our team is always monitoring your system.

Increases innovation capacity

Undertake innovative work with the assistance of the existing technical knowledge of a partner specializing in SAP services as well as the access to the latest technologies and products.

Immediate Support

The mission-critical nature of SAP means technical support needs to be addressed right away and resolve problems quickly.

Backup and disaster recovery

We have backup of your system for any accident to recover without losing important information.


Proactive system monitoring covering system health, database backup, performance, and more.

Trust our experts

Our remote base administrators can support your company in the following administrative tasks.

Systems Administrator

System Performance Tuning, Monitoring of Availability, Performance, Backups and Health, Migrations, Upgrades, and installations, Critical Tasks, All Performed Following SAP Best Practices

Database Administrator

Database performance Tuning, Upgrade and Optimize, apply Database Patches, Adjust Performance Parameters, Setup, and Monitoring Maintenance Tasks.

User Access Administrator

Create User Accounts, assign security roles, authorize Issue Investigation Audit Reports and Assistance.

Daily management

Note application, system errors, transport administration, client backups, system Refreshes, support pack Updates and kernel Patching

We have the experience and quality of personalized services, contact our SAP BASIS advisors now

why choose us

Improve system agility and reduce business risks with SAP basis managed services

Our team of specialized BASIS experts will give you the peace of mind you need to keep your SAP system up-to-date, secure and running efficiently without interruptions. The service provides a quick response 24/7 to improve the performance and agility of the system at the same time that reduces business risks.
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What is SAP BASIS?

Release your workload and maximize the performance of your SAP system with our SAP BASIS Managed Services

SAP Basis Administration

The SAP BASIS team is essential to keep the system in perfect condition and guarantee its proper performance.

SAP BASIS the administration of the SAP system which includes activities such as installation and configuration, load balancing and performance of SAP applications running on Java and SAP ABAP. This includes maintaining different services related to the database, operating system, application, and web servers in the SAP system environment and stopping and starting the system.
SAP Basis key responsibilities include:
System installation and configuration
Server load balancing
Performance management of different components.
Interface management and integration with servers

Download our SAP BASIS ebook now

With our SAP BASIS ebook, you’ll gain a deep understanding of key topics such as system administration, database management, and system monitoring, as well as the latest trends and best practices in the field.


    Frecuently Asked Questions about SAP basis managed services

    What is SAP Basis Managed Services?
    SAP Basis Managed Services refers to the outsourced management and administration of the technical infrastructure and components of SAP systems, including servers, databases, and middleware, to ensure optimal performance and availability.
    What is the role of SAP Basis in an SAP system?
    SAP Basis is responsible for the technical foundation of SAP systems, including installation, configuration, monitoring, patching, and performance tuning. It ensures the smooth operation of SAP applications.
    Why should a company consider SAP Basis Managed Services?
    Companies opt for SAP Basis Managed Services to reduce operational costs, improve system performance, ensure system availability, and leverage the expertise of dedicated SAP professionals.
    What services are typically included in SAP Basis Managed Services?
    Services often include system monitoring, database administration, system upgrades, security management, user management, and performance tuning for SAP systems.
    How does SAP Basis Managed Services ensure system security and compliance?
    Managed service providers implement security best practices, perform regular security audits, and ensure SAP systems comply with industry and regulatory standards, such as GDPR or SOX.
    Is SAP Basis Managed Services suitable for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs)?
    Yes, SMBs can benefit from SAP Basis Managed Services by accessing expertise and support that they might not have in-house, allowing them to effectively manage SAP systems.
    How does SAP Basis Managed Services handle system backups and disaster recovery?
    Managed service providers implement backup strategies and disaster recovery plans to protect SAP systems and data, ensuring business continuity in case of system failures.
    How does SAP Basis Managed Services handle SAP system upgrades and migrations?
    Managed service providers assist with planning and executing SAP system upgrades and migrations, ensuring a smooth transition to the latest versions or platforms.
    What is the role of automation in SAP Basis Managed Services?
    Automation is often used to streamline routine tasks, such as system monitoring, patching, and backup, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency.
    How can I ensure data privacy and confidentiality when using SAP Basis Managed Services?
    Managed service providers implement robust access controls, encryption, and data security measures to protect sensitive data in SAP systems.
    Can I migrate my existing SAP systems to SAP Basis Managed Services?
    Yes, migration services are often included, allowing you to transition your existing SAP systems to the managed services provider's infrastructure.